Writers Game Podcast

Learn from some of our top clients on how they have used their experiences, story and books to empower and impact lives around the world! 

How Adrian Built a 6-Figure Company With His Story...  

One of the questions many authors ask themselves is, “How can I make more money with my book?” Adrian McGee knows first hand the power of what writing a book can do to one personally internally and externally. As the founder of Systems Acceleration & The Grind Season, Adrian shares his story of authoring his first book and some of the keys to success in business.

Monetize Your Gift While Working a Job

Did you know that you can monetize your gifts and talents, even if you are a parent, principal, and entrepreneur? In our latest conversation with Juaneka Brim, she shares how she teaches other entrepreneurs how to use their talents and gifts to monetize them and have the career and the life that they deserve.

Steps to Develop the Confidence Share Your Story

When you are sinking in one of the most heaviest moments in your life and you’re at your breaking point, how do you find the strength to pursue your purpose again? Arnesjah Miller, author and Identity Coach, shares insight to her story of how she gained the confidence to write and self-publish her second book, I…Am Chosen, and build her business after losing her job.

How Ivory is Using His Story to Change Lives

Writing your book, building your business, and sharing your story as we know play a huge part in how we transform lives. However, how can all of that stand if you are unaware of who you are?  In our latest conversation with Ivory Leonard, he shares his story and how he educated the black community on how to reclaim, redefine, and reconnect with their past so that they can live their life’s purpose today.

How Adrian From Convicted to Global Activist

What makes a book powerful is hearing somebody's testimony and how they’ve not just overcome different things, but knowing that they’ve written about it and they are able to stand in it.In our latest conversation with J Haleem, he shares his story about how he was able to go from working for $8.00 an hour at the Hampton Inn, to earning 6 figures as a Commercial Photographer in just a few years. He was able to accomplish all this while being a convicted felon.

Kiana is Leveraging Her Life Lessons to Empower Women Around the World

Kiana Williams is A Certified Life Coach , Author of the hit "Ready To Mingle, and Real Estate Investor. On this episode of The Writer's Game Podcast we sit down to unpack how she has been able to craft the lessons she has learned in life through business, relationships and personal development into actionable steps for others to follow! Buckle up, it's going to be a good one!

How This Nurse is Using Her Voice to Shift the Healthcare Industry

Ashley Grimes joins us on the Writer's Game Podcast to talk about her journey to self care, authorship, and advocating for cannabis' health benefits.  Tune in as she unpacks everything we love about rising authors, entrepreneurs, and those navigating their way through the business world. 

How Brendon Created Content That Converts

Brendan Boyd stopped on The Writers Game Podcast and shared how he's built multiple six figure companies all from his first book. He explains how our team worked with him to create offers, develop his framework and the results that came from it online. Brendan is masterful in his approach and click the episode to learn how he did it.

How Hasaan Thomas's Book Has Helped Him Empower Over One Million Students

When you think about where you are today, have you truly reached three level of success that you want to achieve? Whether that be in your personal life or your business, are you cultivating valuable knowledge, skills, and relationships that can help you to increase your drive, destiny, and dollars? In our latest conversation with Hassan Thomas - author and financial coach - shares his life lessons pertaining to how to create a balanced environment where you can minimize distractions and maximize your resources to achieve the things you want to accomplish.

Leaving a Legacy Through Writing

Safiya Robinson is a writing coach, author , editor and host of the Writing Black Joy Podcast where she highlights black writers from all over the world. As a Barbados native, she enjoys traveling and sharing her passion for writing with others. In this episode we unpack how to unlock a love for the writing process, documenting life's journey, the editing process and so much more!

The Power of Sharing Your Testimony and Embracing Victory

Sonia Scott - Ray is author of “Queen: Life Reincarnated” and after winning a short story competition in 2012, has tapped into her genius! After overcoming many trying times she has been able to embrace her power and is now on a mission to empower others. In this episode we dive into her story, her gift of writing, and her mission to help other women embrace their power.

Using Your Story to Power Your Political Career w/ Collins Pettaway

Do you feel that you are experiencing a breakthrough but you still haven’t reached your breaking point? Do you want to do what you love but you feel you haven’t discovered what that is? In our latest conversation with Collins Pettaway, he shares his story about finding his passion to pursue his graduate degree doing what he loves as a Communications Specialist and Digital Media Manager. After hitting rock bottom, he rediscovered himself and created his own story. He shares a step by step method that helped him to recover in the latest episode on the Writer’s Game Podcast.

Antonio Grate is Using His Story to Empower Foster Care Children Around the Country

Antonio Grate knows what it is like to have a spirit of triumph, experience healing , and take what life felt to him and make something beautiful out of it. After experiencing challenges in childhood and being deeply impacted by books, he now desires as a father and husband to walk in legacy-leaving action.