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You have a story to tell.

We want to help you tell it.


We've worked with over 500 authors, to help them bring their story to life in the past 6 years.

We believe that your story has power, but that power can only be used if your story is shared.

There is someone waiting to hear your story. There's someone, somewhere, that needs the expertise that you've gained, the lessons that you've learned, and the perspective that you've acquired. 

What if we told you that your story could save someone's life, shift someone's future, save someone's marriage, or give someone hope? Would you believe us?

Your story is significant. 

You are an expert at overcoming every situation that you've experienced in your life thus far. 

So you want to write a book...

But writing a book can be time-consuming, confusing, and downright exhausting...right? Wrong. 

What if we could guide you through a process to write your book and publish your story in just 30 days? 

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We are not just committed to helping people tell their story, we are committed to the impact that happens once they have the courage to do so...



Chris McBride, Author of "Healing in Hindsight"


Chris joined our accelerator program and wanted to uncover strategies on not only how to publish his newest book, "Healing in Hindsight; The Ultimate Guide to Unpacking and Healing Past Traumas;"  We worked together on creating a fully automated system and the results were impressive. Chris went on to sell 270 books in under 3 weeksand created a cash flow system that has helped increase his social media following, email list, and overall impact through his book. 

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Ashley LeeAnn, Author of "Push: A Ground Zero Recovery Manual"


When Ashley came to us, she was in transition finding a home,  unsure and unmotivated, but willing to make a change, willing to invest in herself and willing to choose her story. We were committed to transforming her circumstance through her story. In 21 days, she finished up her first book, got a cover and boom,  pre- launched! On the first day she sold 60 copies generating over $10,000. This didn’t just help and support her financially, this gave her hope and belief that she could do anything. 

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Katherine Loray, Author of "Soul Care: A Journey to Self-Healing, Self-Discovery and Self-Love"

Katherine started with her trials and how she overcame toxic relationships, damaging relationships, and she wrote how she managed to turn her mistakes into miracles. Once a struggling single mother, Katherine turned her story into a cash flow machine making $18,000 in the first week and she just rolled out a coaching program to heal women. Since publishing her book, she is now committed to speaking to women around the country on stages as large as 10,000 people. 

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Who We Are, And Who We Serve... 

The Writers Game was founded 6 years ago under the umbrella company The SHINE Institute by 7x Best Selling Author and Former Award Winning Educator, Kyle S. King. To date, The Writers Game Organization has helped to publish over 1,000 books worldwide in the nonfiction genre.

The mission of The Writers Game is to enhance the voices of black men in leadership positions around the world, by unpacking their experiences, structuring their story in a cohesive way, and assisting them in monetizing their message. Within our Writers Game Accelerator Program, we have a 72% success rate, assisting our authors in becoming 6-figure earners, leveraging their book as a pathway to speaking engagements, business growth and brand visibility. 

As a part of our community outreach efforts, annually, we aim to assist 100 incarcerated men write, publish and launch their books as a part of our "Lessons to Our Son," Initiative. 100% of those proceeds goes to support the families of those who are incarcerated. 

No matter where you are in your journey to becoming a published author, our services will support you every step of the way.



The Writer's Game Guided Author program is a proven program that provides you with everything you need to write, publish, and market your book - this year. 

Led by 7x bestselling author Kyle King, you receive the best book coaching, support, editing and publishing services available.

This program is designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and other professionals who want to write their book themselves, get high-level publishing and marketing services, but ensure their book is absolutely of the highest quality.

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You have a book idea, and what to be fully hands-on with the writing process, but maybe you need a little help structuring the book content...or maybe you just need a little accountability along the way. 

The Writers Game Accelerator is self-paced program that allows you to write your book at your own pace.  

You'll have access to video modules, templates, and prompts to give you all of the tools necessary to self-publish your book. 

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We help you formulate a strategy to successfully launch, leverage, and market your book.

You didn't write a book, just for it to sit on a bookshelf and collect dust. Let us show you how to leverage your story, to gain additional income and opportunities. 

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