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I have an idea, and I'm ready to take my business to the next level? Can you guide me through this process?

"Writer's Game recommendation report process far exceeded my standards.  It gave me a clear blueprint as to where I needed to take my business, as well as a time frame and framework in which to do it. With the report, I was able to have a clear roadmap to where my business should be headed, and what I could do with the materials I already have. With implementation and follow through, I look forward to seeing how this will change my results." - Nerode Abraham 

“Thankful for this process and helping me get the clarity, plan, and results I needed to grow my company. The process was easy and the overall experience was better than anything I've seen before. Throughout this process I've gained the confidence I needed to grow our company past $500,000 in order to clear $1,000,000 in the upcoming year. I am thankful for the Writers Game Team for all their help. If you're a business owner and need to grow your company, I'd recommend The Writers Game.” - Kirrice LaRose

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Developing Your Expert Framework

A vision declaration is the guiding star of your business strategy. Oftentimes businesses go so long operating, but are not sure of where their business activity is leading them, so they end up missing the mark. In the first step of our process, we want you to get the right company vision statement so that you can effectively create a strategic direction that leads you where you envision.

  • We help you build your business on a solid foundation, by honing in on your expert framework.
  • This will allow you to understand exactly what you're offering, who you're serving, as well as the transformation that your clients/customers will experience through your unique process.


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Developing Recurring Revenue Streams & Reliable Income


Without leads and marketing, your business will not be able to grow. Learning how lead generation fits into your inbound marketing strategy is critical in being able to drive productivity and profitability throughout your organization. Before you can understand how to create marketing initiatives and plans that drive business growth, you have to have a clear understanding of who you are actually serving.Once you understand the person, it’s important that you create offers that will help you qualify and nurture the lead as a part of your sales pipeline.

  • Oftentimes, businesses don't succeed because they're undercapitalized. You'll learn the strategies to enable you to gain consistent traffic and revenue. 
  • You'll learn methods surrounding marketing, product launches, finance management, content production, community outreach, and more!
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Implementing Systems & SOPs


The goal of business is not only to increase revenue year over year, but it’s to create a business that works for you that doesn’t require you to be there. Developing business systems is a critical part of being a successful entrepreneur, but not everyone understands how powerful and essential these processes are to achieving goals that so many business owners share. If you have a hunger for success, want to own your lifestyle through time freedom, and desire to acquire more wealth through your business, then it is important to implement business systems through automation or delegation that allow you to do so.

  • Put your business on autopilot. An important milestone for any business, is the moment where it's able to operate effectively without the active presence of the CEO of the company. 
  • You'll learn the power of delegation, the importance of documenting your processes, and the steps to allow your business to be a self-sustaining machine.
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Preparing for Growth & Automation


An implementation plan outlines the steps that your team should take when accomplishing a shared goal or objective. This plan combines strategy, process, and action and will include all parts of the project from scope to budget and beyond. Any project requires planning to be successful and just like a house, it is necessary to have a blueprint prior to nailing pieces of wood together. So many entrepreneurs are creating disastrous business plans because they don’t have an implementation plan and are moving through business blindly.

  • Expand the reach of your business to allow for greater impact. If you've ever dreamt of having your business acquired, this will put you in position to do that. 
  • We will provide you a clear roadmap to grow your revenue, automate your internal systems and expand your business reach and visibility.
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