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I was surprised at the amount of information that was given throughout this FREE Webinar. For anyone wanting to stop dreaming about becoming an author and actually transitioning into becoming one, I highly recommend this program. 

- Kiana Williams, Author of Ready to Mingle 

Are You...

  • Finding the time to finish up the book you started on? 

  • Convincing yourself that you  have enough experience to publish a book? 

  • Believing that your story is good enough and that people will purchase? 

  • Crafting the story or even coming up with the idea of what you will write about? 

  • Planning how you are going to pay for the book to be published? 

  • Mapping out how you can launch profitability and create a consistent revenue stream? 

I see you. You're ready.

Say Goodbye to just ideas and hello to being published author.


There are people right now who will pay a premium for the knowledge, experiences, and information that you have, because what makes you different is what makes you valuable. 

I'll show you my proven approach to becoming a published author while avoiding 7 mistakes that are costing 90% of authors $100,000/year. 

In 6-Steps, I'll show you the proven approach that helped me become a 7-time best-selling author in just under four years.


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Kiana Williams

'Kyle breaks down strategies to not only decide on a topic, through examining your personal successes and failures, but he also provides insight on ways to ensure that your book is filled with value. He uses original acronyms and detailed examples to ultimately bring his concepts to life, in a way that’s truly captivating and easy to follow.'

Shanea Calhoun

"I want to start off by saying WOW! This program is simply amazing and is the answer to all NEW and SEASONED writers everywhere! I have now found a solution to my problem! This program is realistic and applicable! I can truly see myself using this program to assist in my writing for children’s books. If you're on the fence I'd reccomend you taking advantage of this webinar and starting your journey today."

Tashara Brown

"Before taking this course, I wanted to write a book but was discouraged and unsure. This course provided action steps that have made the process easy. Following the action steps, I have been able to productively begin the writing process, and I am ahead of schedule for my first edits. Kyle also provides details on how to get your book published in a cost-effective way and marketing techniques."

Here's What You'll Learn From This FREE Webinar

How to Self Your Book Topic

My proven strategy will help you take an authentic look at your life, helping you not only create a list of 30 possible topics that are unique to your life’s story and your personal journey, but also helping you to write the first 40 pages of your book in 1 week.

Why You Need to Create Your Own Writing Schedule

You will walk away with a day-by-day breakdown of tasks to complete, in order to keep you on track to have your story published in only 30 days!

Know What is Power Publishing

I will provide you with inside information on how to publish your story. I fully explain the publishing process, provide you with contacts to find an editor, and coach you on affordable options to self-publish your book.

Launch Your Book Profitability 

We discuss the use of utilizing strategy to increase your profitability. You will be given FREE resources to help you create promotional materials to market your products, and I’ll give you the inside scoop on the different types of software that I used to generate sales. You’ll even learn how I made $20,000 without an upfront investment.

...What if you had a proven 6-Step system and expert coach to guide you every step of the way? 

After registering for this webinar, you will receive immediate access to the 7-steps that will help you publish, promote, and profit $100,000/year just from your story!

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Your Mentor: Kyle S. King

If you have a book idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? Kyle King is your guy. 

Starting with just a single idea to create a book to help college students around the country; Kyle has become an award winning author that’s published 7 best selling books, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

…all while being a single father! 

In 2016, Kyle was able to leave the 9-5 life behind and commit to the entrepreneurial life full-time. He has since gone on to reach and speak across the country. 

His is now one of the most sought after coaches in Charlotte, specializing in helping coaches, consultants, and speakers grow their business through leveraging a book. 

His company, The Writers Game, in 2020 assisted over 400 authors around the globe craft, publish, and profit from their stories generating over 3.2 Million dollars in collective revenue. 

Kyle works to motivate and inspire as many people as possible with one key question”

“If you lost your voice today, what have you built that can speak for you? The person that is in pain, the person that feels lost, the person that feels misunderstand, needs your medicine, your direction and your clarity through the sense of your story; it’s time for you to write it.”