Are You Ready to Launch Your Book in 30 Days and Generate $100,000 From Your Story?


✔️  Struggling with finding the time to finish up the book?

✔️  Convincing yourself that your story is good enough?

✔️  Feeling overwhelmed with all that you could write about, but don’t know where to start?

✔️  Don't know how to generate your first 6-figures on auto pilot just from your story?


… What if you had a proven 6-step system and expert coach to guide you every step of the way? 



Hi, I’m Kyle! 

You are about to get THE blueprint to craft your idea, publish your story and monetize your message in 30 days! Yes… I said 30 days.


My name is Kyle King, and I’m an Author Strategist + 6-Figure Story Teller. After personally writing 7-best selling books, selling over 50,000 books in 4 years and  helping over 500+ authors launch and grow their books, I have the book publishing and promotion down to a science. 


The Great News? The Writers Game Accelerator Can Be Yours Too! 


There are people right now who will pay a premium for the knowledge, experiences and information that you have, because what makes you different is what makes you valuable. I know exactly how to turn your information into income without spending a lot of time or money. 


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Let Me Know If This Sounds Familiar: 


  • You have a belief that it’s near impossible to build a 6-figure business utilizing a “Book”?
  • You’re afraid to invest in “another great program” because you fear not seeing a return on investment? 
  • You don’t think you have a big enough following on Social Media, nor feel that you have enough experience to publish a book?
  • You struggle with finding the time to finish up your book you started on before?
  • You’re stuck in the belief that your story isn’t good enough and don’t believe people would purchase it?
  • You’re tired of feeling inadequate and like you’re just going through the motions?
  • You’re struggling with really settling on what you’d want to write about and organizing all the thoughts in your head?


Trust me. I’ve been there!

This is what it feels like when you’re driving blind!


Our The Writers Game Author Accelerator Program is a self-paced 12-Week Online program that assists aspiring authors in publishing their books within a 30–45-days and sets them on track to generate $100,000 in 90 days. 


Our goal of this program is simple:  

  •  We assist you in crafting your idea 

  • Which will lead you to publishing your story

  • While we walk next to you as you integrate the systems to turn your book sales onto autopilot.

We will provide you with 12 weeks of an online program that will serve as your guide, your coach, and your resource to getting your book published the Writers Game Way.


But don't just take my word for it...

 Hear from other Writers Game Alumni that turned their stories into sources of income.


"What I needed from Kyle, and what he has provided is a system...a systematic approach in order for me to get published. 

-Tim Buwick

"He helped me think in new ways about my current ideas, as well as ideas and how I can structure my new book."

-Ihsaan Ali


"I really learned how to turn my book in to a wasn't just about selling one product, it was about selling an experience." 

-Kiana Williams

"I didn't think that I needed Kyle. But this class reaffirmed that you do need a coach, you cannot do this by yourself."

-Ashley Williams


This IS for you if…

  • You are an aspiring author ready to generate $10,000/month from your story
  • You know you have a story, you just need structure, guidance and accountability to bring their content together.
  • You’re highly motivated and ready to implement the proven strategies to craft your idea, publish your story and monetize your message.
  • You’re coachable, confident, and eager to make a difference and impact the world. 
  • You can commit to 1-2 hours per week of learning and implementing the proven strategies that are shared. 

This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re afraid to invest in yourself or your business.  
  • You’re wanting to write a book other than Non-Fiction (We specialize in Self Help, Education, Personal and Professional Development
  • You want a “get rich quick” system and aren’t willing to commit to the process that it takes to achieve the results that our previous students have acquired. 
  • Your self limiting beliefs are so strong that it will create  negative culture in our online community of authors working together to grow their book business. 
  • You are not coachable and unwilling to be led by expert coaches that have all generated over $100,000+ from their books or in their perspective fields of expertise.

It's so much bigger than me... 


Here are some people who trusted the process, and took the leap. 

They joined the PM30 Accelerator Program (which I'll tell you about in a second) and made it happen. 

 Are you ready to meet them?



Chris McBride, Author of "Healing in Hindsight" 

Chris joined our accelerator program and wanted to uncover strategies on not only how to publish his newest book, "Healing in Hindsight; The Ultimate Guide to Unpacking and Healing Past Traumas;"  He also wanted strategies to learn how to promote and profit from it. As he completed the first week of the program, he discovered that he didn't just have a book, he had a process that he could share with people in multiple forms. We worked together on creating a fully automated system and the results were impressive. Chris went on to sell 270 books in under 3 weeksand created a cash flow system that has helped increase his social media following, email list, and overall impact through his book. 


Ashley LeeAnn, Author of "Push: A Ground Zero Recovery Manual" 

When Ashley came to us, she was in transition finding a home,  unsure and unmotivated, but willing to make a change, willing to invest in herself and willing to choose her story. In 21 days, she finished up her first book, got a cover and boom, launched! On the first day she sold 60 copies generating over $1000. This didn’t just help and support her financially, this gave her hope and belief that she could do anything. 


Katherine Loray, Author of "Soul Care: A Journey to Self-Healing, Self-Discovery and Self-Love"

Katherine started with her trials and how she overcame toxic relationships, damaging relationships, and she wrote how she managed to turn her mistakes into miracles. Once a struggling single mother, Katherine turned her story into a cash flow machine making $1,800 in the first week and she just rolled out a coaching program to heal women. 


Welcome to the Writers Game Author Accelerator Program! 

A LIVE program to help you craft your idea, publish your story and monetize your message in just 30 days... without the tech nonsense or content overload. 

You’ll get immediate and lifetime access to 7 field-tested training modules and a library of tools, scripts, templates, and resources including: 


  • Social Media Growth Strategy 

  • Social Media Book Launch Strategy 

  • Social Media Content Templates 

  • 60-Day Social Media Post Prompts

  • 40+ Videos and Publishing Checklist 

  • Writing Acceleration Softwares 

  • Book Formatting Guidelines and Templates 

  • Publishing Checklist and Framework 

  • $10,000 Book Launch Strategy 

  • Speaker Training and Media Kits 

Hear What My Writers Game Students Have to Say...



"It's actually been easier than I thought! Overall I'm excited...can't wait to cross the finish line!"

-Tiffany Clark

"...Kyle King has this way of digging in and pulling out exactly what I need to tell my own story!"

-Arden McLaughlin


"Every step is very well thought out and articulated, so I feel I'll be able to continue to excel."

-Adrian Sullivan

"Working with Kyle has the been the blessing I never knew that I needed.Kyle has been amazing these last two calls that we've had." 

-Collins Pettaway III


Let’s Take a Look Inside! 

You’ll learn everything (Yes, everything) you need to create, market and monetize your message all under 30 days!


Here’s the Breakdown 


Part I: The Course Content 


Step by step videos to help you create a selling system to take you from published to profitable. 

  • Learn through my detailed, clear and concise instructions so you can remove all the mishaps and mistakes most authors are continuing to make.
  • Learn how to leverage your books to create $100,000+ in revenue annually through our PM30 Accelerator. 
  • Receive content, Writing Templates, Marketing Materials, and Email Sequences that I’ve used to generate $15,000/month in book sales 



Part II: The Community 


Live support in our private community of authors from around the world. 

  • Find author partners and MVPs for your book launch event to help you promote, brand and profit from your book sales. 
  • Connect with accountability partners in different stages of business 
  • Learn what’s working (&not working) for other authors in various niches. 



Part III: The Coaching 


Getting stuck? Join me on our weekly group coaching calls, and we’ll work through your personalized selling system and profitability plan. 


  • Celebrate your wins from the week, and set new goals for the upcoming week. You’ll love the supportive community of other experts. 
  • Receive tailored coaching and support during our weekly LIVE group coaching calls. 
  • I’m dedicated to making sure you succeed in monetizing your message and turning your ideas into income. 



What Other Students Are Saying...



*BONUS - $3,000 VALUE!*

Membership in my Authors Elite community for the rest of 2021!

When you enroll in the Author Selling System, you get immediate access to my client community for support, accountability… and weekly live coaching calls! 


Author’s Elite Members Community Includes: 

  • 4 Live Coaching Calls per month 
  • A network of high-performing and expert authors to support you 
  • Private Facebook group
  • Guest speakers, exclusive training and resources. 

Invest in your wealth and legacy for only $1,997! 

1. Lifetime access to Kyle King’s PM30 Author Accelerator Course


2. 5 LIVE Group Coaching sessions with Kyle King himself 


3. Tools to organize, accelerate and finalize your writing


4. A proven plan to help you publish your book in just 30 days!


         Total Value = ($10,000)


*sign up today to receive the Authors Elite Community bonus*



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Purchase by midnight and get IMMEDIATE access to our Author Selling System 


It is THE program that teaches you how to: 

  • How to do Market Research to Assure Maximum Book Sales
  • How to Build an Email List to Sell To 
  • How to Outline Your Book to Get Your Message Out 
  • How to Title Your Book Appropriately 
  • What Platforms You Should Use to Self-Publish Your Book 
  • How to Get Your Book into 1000s of Independent BookStores
  • How to Create a Buzz around Your Book Using the News Cycle
  • How to Get Others to Promote Your Book for FREE 
  • And much much more… 

You have questions...

Here are the answers you've been waiting for!

Still have questions…? 

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