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You've made it here for a reason. You know there's a book in you. 

It's time to write it.


Are you Ready to Write and Launch Your Book in 30 Days and Generate $30,000 From Your Story?


✔️  Struggling with finding the time to finish up the book?

✔️  Convincing yourself that your story is good enough?

✔️  Feeling overwhelmed with all that you could write about, but don’t know where to start?

✔️  Don't know how to generate your first 6-figures on auto pilot just from your story?


… What if you had a proven 6-step system and expert coach to guide you every step of the way? 


Get it From The Writers Game Masterclass Now For Only $297
  • You don't need to find the time, the Writers Game Masterclass maps out a 30-day schedule for you to maximize the limited time you have. 
  • You don't need to convince yourself, the Writers Game Masterclass provides you with a proven strategy on how to identify your culture add no matter your current experience level. 
  • You don't need to believe your story is good enough, the Writers Game Masterclass will provide you with a strategy to craft your story and boost your confidence. 
  • You don't need a crafted story, the Writers Game Masterclass  has you covered and you will craft the story you didn't even know was inside of you. 
  • You don't need to plan by yourself, the Writers Game Masterclass provides a roadmap on how to perfect your idea, craft your story and successfully publish, promote, and profit from your story in thirty days.
  • You don't have to do the mapping, the Writers Game Masterclass will help you write the book and provide you with the strategies on how to promote, automate and scale your message across all platforms. 


Get it From The Writers Game Masterclass Now For Only $297

Here's What You Will Discover:

How to Create Your Story

We'll walk you through brainstorming, plotting, planning and structure. Our 30 Day content calendar breakdown guides you through transforming your ideas into a fully published book in thirty days. Our goal is not only to help craft your story, but also monetize your message all within the given timeline of 30-days. It doesn't take years with the right system and coach. 

How to Write Your Story

We're giving away our secrets. Get the best practices for maximizing plots, themes, tones, and messaging. Your concept is worth more than a skillset. Our step by step system helps you develop a strategy that effectively articulates your concept in a way that connects with your readers and creates lifetime audiences, all while aligning with your purpose. 

How to Market Your Story

We know this business. Let us help you create a network of supporters. With just over 300 contacts in my phone, I was able to sell over 1,000 books in under thirty days, generating $20,000 by maximizing a 6-step branding process that allowed me to build an extensive network. Our Masterclass will help you do the same. 

How to Make Money With Your Story

I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars from one book. And that's just the beginning. Our proven step by step systems ill teach you how to craft your story, target your audience, and monetize your message efficiently through an automated sales process. Are you ready to go to the next level?


What excuse are you continuing to commit to that is holding you back from living the life you desire?

There are always a million reasons not to do something: the fear that no one will like your book, that no one will buy it, that you're not qualified enough, that you don't have enough experience, and that ultimately, you might fail.

I was scared too. Terrified, even.

But I believed in my message, and within 30 days, I perfected a model that helped me sell 1,000 copies of my book, generating $20,000.
In 2018, I reinvested that money and created two businesses that made six figures in two years. In 2020, during a global pandemic, I’ve made $8,000 in 14 days.
What’s your story worth?



I want you to believe in the power of your message and how it can truly change your life and the lives of so many others. And you know what else, I want you to look cool doing it. 

Get it From The Writers Game Masterclass Now For Only $297

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

The Writers Game Masterclass is a 6-Step Framework that helps coaches, consultants, service based business owners and any aspiring author have the blueprint to write a book in under 30 days in order to grow their business, increase their income and gain premium paying clients.

This Masterclass is lead by 7x Best Selling Author and Author Strategist, Kyle King, and has given you each step necessary to write, publish, promote and profit from your story in 30 days.

Masterclass Content Breakdown: 

  • Section 1: Determining Your Author Outcomes and Goals

  • Section 2: Reviewing Your Reader Avatar

  • Section 3: Developing Your Chapters and Book Content 

  •  Section 4: Finalizing Your Author Essentials 

  •  Section 5: Establishing Your Book Systems

  • Section 6: The Business Beyond The Book 

Get The Writers Game Masterclass Now For Only $297

Weigh Gains and Loses: Know What to Expect With our Cost Benefit Analysis

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Don't Overpay: Protect Your Wallet by Spending Less With Our Cost Breakdown

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Exclusive: Qualify Reader Clothesline Method

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Rule The Unknown With Our Digital Marketing Resource Guide

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Find Your Fit With Our Target Audience Discovery System

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We'll connect you with High Quality Book Designers, Editors, and Publishers.

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Check Success Off Your List With Our Monetization Checklist

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Generate The Money You Deserve and Be on Track to Generate $100,000 this year

($397 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = $2,076

But You're NOT Going to Pay $2,076

Not Even $497

Get The Writers Game Masterclass Today For Only $297!!!

Get The Writers Game Masterclass Today Only For $297!

Here Are The Results My Students Got...

Meet Ohavia Phillips

"I can not express how excited I am to be a second time author through using this process. If you are in the birthing stage or even want to do things differently on the second or third time writing and publishing your book; this program is what you need." 

Meet Kiana Williams 

'Kyle breaks down strategies to not only decide on a topic, through examining your personal successes and failures, but he also provides insight on ways to ensure that your book is filled with value. He uses original acronyms and detailed examples to ultimately bring his concepts to life, in a way that’s truly captivating and easy to follow.' 

Meet Bryan Majors

"As an already established author that has sold over 5,000 books, after spending 45 minutes with Kyle and his team, my MIND WAS BLOWN. This program is the real deal."

Meet Tim Buwick

"After the first few training sessions, I regained my confidence. I was able to nail down my key audience and the true importance on why this book is so important..."

Meet Chantel Grier

"Overall this has been such an emotional process and I am so thankful that I was able to finish what I started. It's been much easier than I thought because of the accountability, resources and community of authors that helped me push past the fear!"

Meet Ihsaan Ali

"Kyle will take you from never have written a book, to having it published and accomplishing Best Seller Status all in 30 days. I'm so grateful for Kyle and his team for making this book possible."

It's Your Turn to Be Published and Paid.

Get The Writers Game Masterclass NOW and Begin Your Journey!

Get The Writers Game Masterclass Right NOW For Only $297!